We master all fields of development, planning and implementation in architecture and urban planning and offer these services from one source.

The Company

Planquadrat Middle East masters all fields of development, planning and implementation in architecture, engineering and urban planning. We embrace reinvention, advancement and Collaboration with other fields to rethink that architecture is in “one world”. In the face of challenges and increasingly normative scenarios, Planquadrat ME remains responsible in their commitment to provide alternative scenarios / solutions for the future of the cities and change the world into a better place to live in.


PQME always aims to provide a consistent, competent and professional service which is focused on satisfying the requirements and expectations of its clients and end users. The qualities which characterize this service are also reflected in our day to day relationships with professional colleagues and other members of the construction team.
The service is supported by the following additional policy aims:

Management Policy

To embrace the quality management principles and requirements, outlined in our internal guidelines, as a framework for improving performance and consistently achieving client satisfaction.

Staff Policy

To strive to create and maintain a humane work environment wherein staffs are encourage; and, given opportunities to continuously improve their skills.

Environmental Policy

To embrace the principles of sustainable development in our designs.

Health and Safety Policy

To provide a safe working environment and incorporate the best health and safety practices in the discharge of our duties as designers.
By means of the development and implementation of the Quality Management System, the Practice demonstrates clear and controlled systematic working methods. This system is subject to regular review to ensure its continuing effectiveness and relevance to the Practice requirements and to provide for continuing improvement.

Quality Assurance Processes

Quality control is central to all our activities. It is the essence of realising our architecture and leaving both a satisfied client and user.
Our work in the Industry has demanded significantly higher standards of quality management as usually. The Specification and Demonstration of Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety have the highest priority in our work.
To achieve this target, we implement a clear company structure and classification of fields of activity.
High Level of training standards for all staff as well as regular specialised training courses for each individual as well as coaching sessions and seminars to develop the organisation for the whole team.

After starting off as a group of students, the three partners continued working closely together


Planquadrat Middle East (PQME)

The architects’ office Planquadrat was founded in 1994 by the partners Herbert Elfers, Martin Geskes and Jörg Krämer; and is operated as a partnership in 1998 and saw the founding of the architects’ office Planar GmbH in Kielce/ Poland together with Jacek Augustin and Slavek Studniarek. On the other hand, since 2001, Planquadrat has been operating in the People’s Republic of China; and 2005 in Dubai, U.A.E.

Due to increasing demands and great performance, the architects’ office Planquadrat Middle East was founded in 2005, under the ownership of Mr. Samir S. Khanfar. In 10 years of service, PQME continues to provide a high quality design, planning and implementation in the field of architecture and Engineering, both locally and internationally.

Wie alles begann

The Owner

Samir Khanfar

B.Sc. Civil Engineer

Born 03.05.61 in Jenin, Palestine
Professional experience since 1984
Partnership since 2005

Our vision to be renowned architectural and engineering one-stop company for one allied building services.

Our Mission

Teamwork that functions well and runs smoothly is the guarantee to the success of the office; and been reflected in the diversity of the executed projects and numerous successes achieved through competitions and networks of satisfied clients.

The field of activity encompasses all scopes of duties in the areas of architecture and engineering.
The projects were handled throughout the planning stages; and also in the form of general contracting which ranges from industrial and administrative to residential, educational and commercial buildings.