Welcome to our architectural, Engineering Consultancy and allied building services.

Creativity and realism

Any visions, we turn into reality. PQME is at home in architecture, urban planning and engineering. From a design development to building construction; from master plan to general planning, we face the intricacy of planning and building. We accompany private investors/ industry and public clients locally and internationally, with creativity, endurance and a holistic perspective, even when it comes to demanding construction projects. We have professionals who are experienced in this field; and with the broad artistic and creative minds.


PQME (Planquadrat Middle East) comprises of services specialized in the fields of Architecture and Engineering. Amongst the projects were industrial, commercial, educational, administrative, residential developments and other special usage buildings. In the field of urban planning, the company provides feasibility studies, master planning and legally binding land-use plans. We support projects in all stages up to general planning with expert reports and professional consultancy; as well as regular participation in national and international competitions.

We bringdesign excellenceand creativityfor you.

Broadly positioned

As a Consultancy Company, we master all fields of development, planning and implementation in architecture, urban planning and engineering. Over 20 years of experience with a large project scale locally and internationally, have made us an experts in this line of business.

We bring all players to the table – the clients, specialist, planners, politics, authorities and administrative offices – with their diverse range of interests; and negotiate a project in the interest of our clients as the end users.

Latest Projects

We havea passion forcreating new andunique spaces.


Safety Solutions

House building and construction, in general, were always full of risks that can cause some injuries. Our company provides different services that aim to secure the procedure of building a structure. Constant development of new technologies in our field opens new opportunities for increasing the safety in construction.

Design Solutions

Design is about a harmonious combination of colors, shapes and lines. As part of our expertise, we deliver best design solutions by understanding the needs of our client and making their visions into reality.

Environmental Solutions

PQME has a great team who are able to deliver technical excellence and fast response in environmental services and studies.

Risk Solutions

In construction, any companies in this field always face different risk during the procedure. Thus, our company developed effective methods that minimize these risks.

Think globally, plan locally.

PQ International

Our activities here and abroad, particularly in India and Germany only proves that Planquadrat Middle East is internationally competitive and active in the field of architecture and engineering. Our clients appreciate the combination of “Made in Germany” planning; and the practical experience on site. Up and coming economic locations in particular, make great demands on far-sighted planning. Thus, PQME welcome this task with open-hand. Plus, the fact that a total of 30 languages are spoken in our offices helps us understand our clients better.